Travel Guidelines for Suppliers, Service Providers, and Contractors


The following Travel Guidelines apply to all MBRDNA suppliers, service providers, and contractors (collectively referred to as “Provider” or “Providers”). MBRDNA will pay for and/or reimburse Providers for all reasonable and necessary travel expenses incurred while conducting business on behalf of MBRDNA, consistent with these Guidelines. Failure to comply with these Guidelines may result in denial of reimbursement requests.

Travel arrangements

  • Travel must be approved in writing by the respective MBRDNA business unit before Provider makes any arrangements. Provider’s travel authorization request must include details about the reason for travel as well as all proposed flight, hotel, and rental car arrangements.
  • The use of videoconferencing and teleconferencing must be considered as an alternative to travel at all times.
  • Travel time must be kept to a minimum to permit Provider to devote the maximum amount of time to the objective of the trip.
  • Travel reservations must be made as soon as possible and at least two weeks before departure to keep travel cost to a minimum.
  • Travel expenses will be reimbursed by MBRDNA based on actual cost incurred by Provider without markup.
  • All expenses submitted must be accompanied by a corresponding itemized receipt substantiating the item or service purchased, the cost, and the date of purchase.

Air Travel

  • Provider must select coach/economy class (i.e., the most economical airfare). Business class is permitted only if travel exceeds 6 hours with one leg or 10 hours total travel time (including flight connections).
  • Excess baggage charges, if reasonable and required for business purposes, are reimbursable. The cost of lost or damaged baggage is not reimbursable.
  • Optional charges primarily levied by low-cost carriers (e.g. priority boarding, etc.) must be avoided.

Travel by Train

  • Provider must select second class (i.e., the most economical train fare). First class travel requires prior written approval by MBRDNA. On long trips at night, the sleeping car can be used in lieu of one night’s accommodation.

Car Rentals

  • Provider must select “compact” rental cars in all countries, unless Provider receives prior written approval for a larger vehicle.
  • Gasoline, which is a reimbursable expense, must be purchased prior to returning the rental vehicle. Failure to do so results in a higher charge from the rental company.

Parking, Storage and Tolls

  • Provider must use the most economical transportation (bus, train, etc.) to the airport when possible.
  • Overnight airport parking is not permitted absent reasonable justification. When parking at an airport for more than one day, Provider must utilize, when available, off-premise parking.
  • When claiming tolls, Provider must submit an itinerary describing where each toll was incurred. All tolls and similar fees must be supported by a receipt.
  • Fines for Provider traffic, toll, and parking violations are not reimbursable.

Lodging and Meal Guidelines

  • Provider must select a “standard room” accommodation. Only the actual costs of accommodation will be reimbursed.
  • We highly encourage Provider to base accommodation bookings as per the following guideline from the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA): Lodging expenses that significantly exceed the GSA guidelines will be denied.
  • Any business-related travel requiring hotel accommodations for more than 30 days falls outside of these Guidelines. Please contact your MBRDNA project manager to discuss temporary living.
  • Meals will be covered at per diem rates of $50/day. Provider must not claim per diem if someone else paid for the meal, or if the meal is included in the airfare or hotel accommodations.


  • A cancellation penalty imposed by an airline, train line, hotel or other travel service provider is not a reimbursable expense if Provider knows in advance that a reservation will not be used and neglects to request its cancellation. When a penalty charge is incurred due to no fault of Provider, it may be reimbursable in MBRDNA’s sole discretion.