Employee Profile: Kyle Schmidt

Jun 30, 2020 | People Stories

Kyle Schmidt started at MBRDNA’s Seattle office in January 2020 as an Associate Software Engineer. He is a member of the Device Capabilities team creating a #MercedesBenz Intelligent Cloud service that polls vehicles to obtain a list of their features and capabilities. These capabilities are used by various micro-services to, for example, activate certain features within the vehicle or determine if a car is capable of performing certain functions like automatically parking itself.

Kyle grew up in Long Island, New York and recently graduated from Purdue University with a bachelors in Computer Engineering. One of the things he likes most about MBRDNA is that his team works within a start-up-like environment with very smart developers who actively listen to each other’s ideas. Kyle is also has also gotten the opportunity to own certain areas of the project and deploy his work to production.