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Predictive Driving Experience

Envision a car that becomes a friend, a digital companion. A car that knows where the driver is going, what music will be played, what climate control settings are needed when the car is started.

The car predicts the desired comfort level and driving experience , minimizing the time to set up preferences. Even the seat heater adjusts to the preferred setting for each occupant.

Prediction derives from a deep sense of knowing - who the driver is, what the driver’s habits are, what routes should be taken, what stops will be made. With Mercedes-Benz’s predictive driving experience, the car learns in just a few days what each driver’s preferences are, at what time of day, en route to what destination, in what weather. The car makes choices and recommendations based on accumulated learning.

The car learns, adapts, predicts, and interacts with the driver

The predictive user experience makes magic out of the mundane.

Seven steps for navigation can be reduced to one or two.

Destination seeking on the navigation system becomes a choice of several learned favorite places that fit the time of day, the location, the direction the car is moving. Drivers concentrate on the things that matter.

Every driver’s choices are monitored and used to set up the car upon entry

This experience is about driving, not about searching through menus, pushing buttons, trying to remember addresses.

The driver concentrates on the road and the experience.

In the future, Mercedes-Benz will extend the predictive driving experience in ways that weren’t even imagined two years ago. Biosensors, for example, could determine the driver’s mood, and even if the driver is lively or tired.

Favorite destinations populate without searching

A car that knows where the driver is going, what music will be played, what the climate control needs to do when the car is started is the car that Mercedes-Benz builds.