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Digital DriveStyle

Why shouldn’t the internet drive driving?

Today, the internet drives commerce, news, entertainment, at home, at work.

Mercedes-Benz takes the internet to a new place, unifying smartphone and car to harness the internet for in-car entertainment, navigation, social networking, and information. Digital DriveStyle connects a smartphone app to every infotainment system in the car.

Internet-based navigation helps drivers find places to eat and shop, and lets them preview destinations with 360° Google street views. Live traffic data is presented, including crowdsourced data shared with other Mercedes-Benz drivers as they travel through the same areas. Even parking information will be available to the driver through the car.

DriveStyle Media provides infinite listening choices

Bring internet radio and friends’ playlists to the screen using COMAND.

No need to look away to see the phone screen or tap when changing stations. And social media is safe and simple, with voice updates from Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Google Glass extends navigation beyond the car doors

Digital DriveStyle doesn’t begin and end inside the car.

Google Glass and Mercedes-Benz make door-to-door navigation seamless. The driver enters their destination through Google Glass, which navigates the driver to the car. Glass automatically passes the destination to the car, which navigates until parking. On leaving the car, Glass picks up navigation and provides pedestrian routing right up to the journey’s end. Digital DriveStyle even integrates smart watches to take the aggravation out of navigation.

Talk to your home

With Nest in the dash, home comfort is a tap away.

Through a partnership with Nest, Digital DriveStyle uses the vehicle screen to display real-time information from the Nest in-home thermostat. Instead of arriving home and rushing for the thermostat, simply set the temperature using COMAND while en route. Because the car can estimate the time of arrival, Nest knows exactly when to turn on heat or air conditioning.

Connect the car to everything

Digital DriveStyle creates a continuous experience from home to destination.